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    Aquarium Maintenance Service

    Canberra Aquarium Maintenance is a leading provider of professional aquarium maintenance services in Canberra. If you’re in need of dependable local fish tank repair services, we are your trusted partner.

    Book in your regular fish tank maintenance in Canberra

    As a frontrunner in routine aquarium maintenance, Canberra Aquarium Maintenance services aquariums in both residential and commercial premises throughout Canberra. These maintenance appointments are pre-scheduled, ensuring you are well-informed of our arrival time and date. Our commitment to efficiency means our technicians are punctual, minimizing any waiting time on your part. Our regular maintenance visits can be arranged weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, catering to your specific needs and the requirements of your aquarium.

    Providing a high-quality service

    With Canberra Aquarium Maintenance, you can count on comprehensive maintenance of your fish tank. Our technicians arrive fully equipped to replace spare parts or repair equipment. This operational efficiency allows us to resolve most issues on the spot, eliminating the need for multiple visits.

    Providing you with fish and coral

    In addition to maintenance services, we also offer a selection of fish, plants, or corals for purchase. Simply inform us of your preferences before our scheduled visit, and we’ll ensure delivery of your desired aquatic life. Our replacement guarantee on all supplied items ensures their health and longevity, contributing to a vibrant and thriving aquarium environment. This convenience not only saves you the trouble of sourcing new elements for your tank but also assures their premium quality and durability.

    One-off maintenance

    For those unexpected aquarium problems that require immediate attention, we offer emergency maintenance service visits. Whether you’re dealing with a crack in your aquarium, a malfunctioning filtration system, or any other complex issue, our team is on hand to resolve these problems promptly and effectively.

    What is included in our maintenance service?

    We carry out a thorough service for an upfront cost. This service includes:

    • a water change
    • gravel vacuum
    • water quality tests
    • servicing of pump and filters
    • a carbon and phosphate check
    • chemical and salt balance
    • décor rearrangement of the items in your tank
    • provide fish food if needed

    Call us now for a free quote on your next maintenance check.

    Yes, you can choose the type of fish you wish to display (ie. Freshwater tropical, goldfish), but not the individuals, as we supply what is available at the time.

    This is dependent your chosen aquarium, which we fill according to the holding capabilities of the tank.

    We can install automated feeders or assign someone to feed them a recommended amount.

    This is determined individually to meet your specific needs, as we realize that meeting our client’s individual needs is fundamental.

    We do all the regular maintenance required to keep your aquarium looking its best and this is included as part of the package.

    Not necessarily! But we normally find someone liaise more closely with us to ensure any problems that may arise are promptly identified. So we are quickly notified to correct them.

    We accept cheque, direct deposit, etc. We will discuss with our clients individually and it’s dependent on specific needs and wants.

    Tanks are available for purchase at any stage and are dependent on the tank and the time which the aquarium has been hired out for.

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